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Broken Heart-2014

Recorded @ Ravenstudio

“It is a stunning CD with music that’s not just heard but felt, from the guitar fueled jams to the gentle caress of the sax. It doesn’t matter what favorite genre a listener gravitates to, this is the type of music that crosses those boundaries.”

Kat Cofin - www.examiner.com/cd-review

Petey & the Ravens Album Review of Broken HeartsPosted on October 20, 2011 by ranellegolden

Smooth and sexy strings mixed with gentle rhythms and vocals to take us through a Broken Heart. There is a southern rock feel throughout, with a bit of blues and country that keeps you tapping your foot or nodding your head to the beat. It’s a pleasure to listen to with some gorgeous guitar playing. Yet, it also leads into some powerful riffs, and harder hitting rhythm. This was an excellent surprise, since you would think a Broken Heart would be mellow and sad in is music, but it’s not. The songs on this album are about more than the love between a man and a woman, they are about the broken hearts felt in all aspects of life as demonstrated by songs like “My child went to war”. Definitely worth your time, especially if you appreciate great guitar. Find out more about Petey & the Ravens by visiting: http://www.peteyandtheravens.com or by email at: Peteyandtheravens@gmail.com